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Day one

Time: 12:37am
Date: 8th October 2010
Weight: 9 stone 3 pounds

This is it, the journey begins again and this time it should hopefully be more permanent and set in stone, with the hopes that I do not get kicked of my university course by my tutors or pulled out of it by my family. I have food in the fridge and freezer yes, but that does not mean I need to eat it. In fact its probably safer to have it in there because at least if people come round it will look like there is stuff in there for me to eat and lessens the risk of worry that they may have. The only people who might notice are the flat mates but I barely talk to them anyway.

Next week I start the exercise classes again, aerobics, yoga, fitball and kickboxing so this really is going to be it. I brought my pro mia and pro fasting bracelets as my reminders and hopefully they will come in the post soon. My aim is to loose roughly 3 pounds next week, if I loose more excellent, but I know that it will be slow going for a while. It's been ages since I have done this and therefore I can not expect the fast results that I want, but as long as I keep going at it and do not give in or give up then I should be fine. what I don't want to do is the whole mia thing. my teeth are weak, they ache, they chip and they hurt at the most random times, so I know I need to stop that. I do not want to loose teeth so I shall not be binging and purging each and everyday... so what should I do... well restrict, restrict and restrict of course.

This is it, this is the butterflies journey to becoming a butterfly who can fly and I will do it. my first aim 8 stone 3 by christmas, earlier if I can.





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